IDEX 2015

More duties for local Ajban LAV [IDX15D3]

25 February 2015

Nimr Automotive of the United Arab Emirates (Stand 05-A10) is now in full-scale production of its expanding family of light armoured vehicles (LAVs), now referred to as the Ajban class. Well in excess of 1,000 vehicles have rolled off the production line, in 4x4 and 6x6 configurations, since low-rate production started two years ago.

At IDEX 2015, it was announced that the UAE Armed Forces had placed a contract with Nimr Automotive for a further 500 vehicles, plus the upgrading of 500 earlier vehicles.

Export sales have been made to a number of countries, including Bahrain, Egypt and Libya, and a joint venture programme is underway in Algeria for local production of the vehicle using kits that have been produced in the UAE.

Ajban is described by the company as a family of modular LAVs that are available in various two- and four-person cab versions with a load area to the rear. All share the same powerpack and driveline to reduce through-life cycle costs.

Ajban’s powerpack consists of a Cummins six-cylinder diesel developing 300hp, coupled to an Allison 3000SP fully automatic transmission and a two-speed drop box. This gives a road speed of up to 110km/h.

There is also an option for the installation of a 350hp diesel engine.

The vehicle has double-wishbone independent suspension all round, with a central tyre-inflation system fitted as standard – considered essential for desert operations. The wheels have run-flat inserts and a power management system is fitted, as is a front-mounted winch.

A specialised internal security vehicle model has been developed that features a hardened 10-man cabin, which is also equipped with gun ports and roof hatches. It also has an integrated camera-based situational awareness system.

A good example of the more specialised roles for the 6x6 is that of air defence, for which the vehicle can be armed with a remote-control turret loaded with MBDA Mistral surface-to- air missiles. A gun-ship version is armed with a remote control turret mounting a 30mm cannon. In the flatbed role, the 6x6 version can carry various containers for more specialised battlefield missions.

Being shown for the first time here at IDEX is a Special Forces (SF) version of the Ajban, with an open top for enhanced situational awareness.

This can be fitted with various ring-and pintle-mounted weapons, such as machine guns and cannon.

This variant has a gross vehicle weight of 7,500kg, of which 2,500kg is for onboard equipment, including crew, weapons and equipment.

While the basic SF Ajban is not armoured, it can be fitted with ballistic and blast protection if required.

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