IDEX 2015

Virtual training tool [IDX15D3]

25 February 2015

EDIC company Al Taif Technical Services, a leading maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services provider for defence-related systems, is showing off a range of virtual reality systems that it is employing to train technicians at the Al Taif Technical Affairs School.

Using state-of-the-art training aids, such as high-definition 3D virtual reality headsets, Oculus and Kinect for Windows, the school uses the system to provide training for technicians who will work on the G6 artillery system.

The tool allows technicians to virtually zoom, drag and rotate components, in turn training them in assembly and disassembly of weapons. This saves time in training by allowing multiple students to undergo instruction at the same time, while reducing the requirement for actual weapon systems.

“The Al Taif Technical Affairs School is demonstrating its commitment to innovative training approaches through the use of virtual training,” said CEO Ahmad Bin Adi. “In addition to being cost-effective, virtual training is a very impactful learning tool that results in high retention rates.”

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