IDEX 2015

‘Shoot and scoot’ weapon [IDX15D3]

25 February 2015

RUAG Defence of Switzerland (Stand 08-A15) has unveiled its new-generation 120mm Cobra mortar system at IDEX 2015. This has been under development using company funding since 2012. With that process complete, production can commence when orders are placed.

Cobra is a turntable-mounted 120mm smooth-bore mortar system fitted with an all-electric elevation and traverse system, with manual back-up controls. For faster response times, it is fitted with a computerised fire control system coupled to an inertial navigation system that provides an automatic laying capability.

Multiple round simultaneous impact missions can be carried out, with all rounds impacting the target area at the same time for maximum effect. This allows for ‘shoot and scoot’ tactics to be employed. The system can come into action and carry out a fire mission in 60 seconds.

A load-assist device reduces crew fatigue and increases the rate of fire.

Cobra weighs only 1,500kg complete with the load-assist device, although this can be omitted if required. Maximum range depends on the projectile/charge combination and the type of mortar bomb, but RUAG is quoting ranges of between 7,000m and 9,000m.

A training system is embedded in the Cobra, and there is also the option of an 81mm barrel insert for training purposes. This allows crews to carry out live firing training over smaller ranges when compared with the 120mm calibre system.

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