IDEX 2015

Carrying water [IDX15D3]

25 February 2015

Combat forces need lots of water and fuel, often stretching logistic capabilities to breaking point.

German firm WEW (Stand 09-A02) knows how to deal with this problem, as is shown in its spectrum of handling solutions for liquids. One estimate put the fuel requirement at 77 per cent of the total logistic load during peak times of the Afghanistan campaign – some 2,000 trucks a day.

“This is a large number of journeys where lives were put at considerable risk in a war zone,” said Dr Ulrich Bernhardt, WEW’s chief executive.

WEW uses purpose-designed modules to handle water, fuel, lubricants and other liquids safely on a variety of vehicles, from small MRAPs to high-mobility 8x8 vehicles. Its turnkey approach includes the use of advanced telematics to ensure that fuel, water or waste modules are loaded, unloaded or handled only when necessary. All of WEW’s systems are easily transportable through any civilian or military logistics chain and many are air-portable.

“Defence forces are recognising that by adopting a modular approach to refuelling, utilising intelligent systems and replenishing only when and where it is really necessary, substantially reduces their logistic burden,” said Bernhardt.

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