IDEX 2015

Griffin blows up a storm on Monsoon [IDX15D3]

25 February 2015

Available for viewing on the NAVDEX waterfront, the Cyclone class coastal patrol boat USS Monsoon is equipped with the latest addition to the US Navy’s anti-surface warfare armoury in the shape of the Mk 60 Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System.

Developed by Raytheon Missile Systems (Stand 03-B07), Griffin is a small, precision-guided missile using a combination of GPS-aided inertial guidance and a semi-active laser seeker for pinpoint accuracy at ranges out to more than 5km. The retrofit to the Cyclone class craft is intended to provide the vessels with an enhanced capability against swarming surface threats.

The Mk 60 Patrol Coastal Griffin Missile System integrates the BGM-176B Griffin B missile variant, a laser targeting system (using the FLIR Systems AN/SSQ-133 BRITE Star II), a US Navy-designed Mk 208 Griffin Launcher Module, and a Mk 4 Battle Management System. Both single and salvo launches can be performed.

Ten Cyclone class craft are forward-deployed with the US Fifth Fleet located in Manama, Bahrain. The integration and deployment of the Griffin missile on board the class was approved in June 2011 to meet a Rapid Deployment Capability.

Maritime testing for the system began in March 2012. The US Navy subsequently developed, integrated and tested the complete system, declaring an Initial Operating Capability in October 2013. Each Cyclone class vessel is receiving two Mk 208 launcher modules (one on either beam amidships), with each containing four Griffin missiles.

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