IDEX 2015

Mbombe for Jordan [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

Extensive evaluation trials done, the Mbombe 6x6 armoured combat vehicle is ready for production.

South Africa’s Paramount Group (Stand 12-C22) and the King Abdullah II Design and Development Bureau (KADDB) of Jordan (Stand 01-B08) yesterday signed a major production contract at IDEX for the first 50 Mbombe vehicles.

“The production of Mbombe in Jordan signals an important milestone in the continuing growth of the defence industrial capability in the Middle East,” said Major General Omar Al Kaldi, chief executive of KADDB. “By integrating our technologies, engineering skills and know-how, we bring innovation to the industry.”

Signing of the contract followed extensive vehicle trials in 50°C desert environments in Jordan and the UAE, right down to -50°C during winter in Kazakhstan. Mbombe successfully completed the rigorous trials, covering more than 10,000km in the world’s most harsh and challenging environments.

Clearly pleased with Jordan’s decision to select the South African-developed Mbombe 6x6, Ivor Ichikowitz, founder and executive chairman of Paramount, noted the long history of collaboration with Jordan. “We are very excited to support the development of a defence industrial base in Jordan that will contribute to employment, skills development and technology transfer, as well as training.”

Unlike most South African-designed mine-protected vehicles, Mbombe uses flat-hull technology, and is the first to offer all-round protection against a variety of threats.

Besides ballistic protection up to 14.5mm heavy machine gun rounds, it is similarly protected against 155mm artillery bursts. With Level 4 mine protection, it can withstand a 10kg mine detonating under the hull or wheels, and a 50kg TNT blast from IEDs.

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