IDEX 2015

Cobra II completes Middle East trials [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

Turkey’s Otokar has confirmed to the IDEX Show Daily that its latest Cobra II (4x4) armoured amphibious tactical vehicle (AATV) successfully completed 5,000km of exhaustive trials in the Gulf late last year.

Cobra II has a typical gross vehicle weight of 12 tonnes. It is powered by a Cummins six-cylinder turbocharged common rail diesel engine developing 360hp, coupled to an Allison fully automatic six-speed transmission and a two-speed transfer box. Maximum road speed is quoted as 110km/h. The Cobra II is fully amphibious, being propelled in the water by two propellers at a maximum speed of 8km/h.

When used in the armoured personnel carrier role, the Cobra II has a crew of two and can carry eight dismounts. Standard equipment includes a central tyre-inflation system, air-conditioning, front and rear cameras and vision blocks.

A total of 10 prototype and preproduction Cobras has been built by Otokar (Turkish Pavilion, Stand 10-C05) and development is considered to be complete. Production can begin when orders are placed. Cobra II is being marketed alongside the popular original Cobra (4x4) light armoured vehicle, of which more than 2,500 have been built for domestic and export markets, with production still underway.

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