IDEX 2015

Laser rocket is on target [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

Turkey’s Roketsan (Stand 10-B05, Turkish Pavilion) is showing off an impressive range of weapons at IDEX. Most interesting to Emirati visitors will be the Roketsan CİRİT – a laser-guided 2.75in rocket that has been combat-proven on the Bell AH-1W helicopters of the Turkish Army (4,500 having been delivered since it entered service in 2011), and which has been ordered for service with the UAE Armed Forces.

Though CİRİT has a theoretical maximum range of 8km, the UAE requested a range of 10km, and this has now been demonstrated, including a terminal manoeuvre, according to Cem Taşdeler, Roketsan’s head of market development for Europe and the Americas.

The weapon has been integrated on the UAE’s Air Tractor AT-802i, and is being integrated on Emirati Blackhawk helicopters. Taşdeler said it would also be installed on the UAE’s new Bell 407s and two further fixed-wing platforms. The weapon is being acquired together with an autonomous trailer-mounted platform with its own EO-based sighting system, capable of being towed behind land vehicles.

CİRİT has also been integrated on the Turkish Army’s T-129 ATAK helicopter, and the T-129s ordered by the type’s first, as yet undisclosed, export customer. CİRİT will also be supplied to Bahrain to arm its upgraded Bell AH-1s, and Roketsan has signed an agreement with MBDA to integrate the weapon on German Eurocopter UH Tigers.

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