IDEX 2015

Multi-band radio system [IDX15D2]

24 February 2015

With some 20 years’ experience in developing advanced military tactical radios, Czech company DICOM (Stand 01-B18) has just launched its new RF40 integrated radio system.

This follows the success of DICOM’s RF13 and RF20 in the international market, both of which continue to be sold in more than 20 countries.

While the RF40 comes with additional advanced elements, it maintains full backward compatibility with its predecessors. It is a handheld multi-band radio in the 30-512MHz frequency band and supports frequency and amplitude modulation.

Taking its cue from current trends in tactical radio communications, DICOM focused its design of the RF40 on high-speed data transfer and multi-channel solutions. It introduced a completely new waveform marked as WF40 that operates on the narrow channel bandwidth of only 250kHz. Such channel width can be used in both UHF and VHF.

As a MANET waveform with built-in multiple automatic rebroadcasting capability, WF40 allows for two independent voice connections to operate in one channel along with a parallel data transfer. Data in the transmission is secured by Transec technology and the AES block cipher with the key length of 256 bits.

According to DICOM, the RF40 accommodates an expansion module that makes it a fully fledged two-channel handheld radio for narrowband communication at VHF/ UHF frequencies, and broadband communications at L-band and or S-band frequencies. It comes with an option to connect to the main types of globally used tactical radios, and to allow data interoperability with systems used in NATO in accordance with STANAG 4677.

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