IDEX 2015

Defending the coastline [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

UAE-based Siham Al Khaleej Technology (SAKT), working in partnership with European missile house MBDA (Stand B-036) and Italian navigation electronics group GEM Elettronica (Stand A-003 Italian Pavilion), is taking the leading role in the development of a new coastal battery system based on the Marte missile family.

Being displayed on the SAKT exhibit (Stand OA-007, UAE Pavilion) and in mock-up form at NAVDEX, the baseline system configuration has been designed to satisfy requirements for surveillance, control and protection of sea lines of communication, and protection of coastal assets. SAKT is taking the role of prime contractor and system integrator, MBDA is responsible for the supply of missiles and launch systems for the Marte anti-ship family missile, and GEM will provide remote radar stations.

Developed under the framework of a heads of agreement signed in late 2013, the proposed coastal defence system would provide a capability for both maritime surveillance and threat interdiction. In its baseline configuration, the system comprises a surface coastal radar system, a command and control shelter, and a number of Marte missile launchers. Rapidly redeployable to coastal sites and small islands, the system can be connected via datalink to an upper echelon of command and control, if required.

GEM Elettronica’s CBRS-100MD coastal battery remote station is a compact shelter-based system incorporating a solid-state LPI (low probability of intercept) radar system designed for short- to medium-range coastal surveillance missions out to a maximum range of 100 nautical miles. As an option, GEM is also offering an adjunct electro-optical/ infrared sensor package to provide positive identification of tracks.

Marte missiles are fired from a four-round pedestal-mounted launcher. The system can be configured to use either the intermediate-range (out to 35km) Marte Mk 2/N missile, or the new turbojet-powered Marte ER (able to achieve a range beyond 100km).

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