IDEX 2015

In ‘plane’ sight [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

South African aerospace company S-PLANE Automation (Stand UM-59) is running live demonstrations of its latest Paragon product suite for command and control and C4I applications.

The suite provides a common operating picture in a detailed 3D graphic world of all forces, infrastructure and elements for headquarters, tactical and mobile forces application. All role-players benefit from sophisticated messaging, geo-tagged battlespace objects and real-time tracking of assets.

Said business development director Charl van der Merwe: “All deployments in one environment operate in the same 3D world, share the same data and support multiple missions simultaneously and independently.”

The ParagonC4I HQ gives decision-makers immediate access to video feeds, sensor data and elements reported from the field to allow rapid assessments to be made. Field commanders get an accurate and up-to-date common operating picture with the ParagonC4I Tactical. This suite enables command and control of unmanned systems, including S-PLANE’s own vehicles, such as the Swift.

Aircraft, ground and sea vehicles, as well as dismounted personnel, receive exceptional situational awareness with the same realtime access to data, payloads and messaging provided by the ParagonC4I Mobile.

Besides S-PLANE’s 7.5m wingspan Swift offered as an operational unmanned intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) vehicle, the company specialises in unmanned vehicle navigation, flight control and mission management sub-systems, with product development now also extending to autonomous land, sea-surface and underwater vehicle systems and their sub-systems.

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