IDEX 2015

Missile precision from Korea [IDX15D1]

23 February 2015

Part of a 22-strong group of Korean defence companies participating in IDEX 2015, LIG Nex1 is displaying a range of its missile products on Stand 12-B15.

These weapons include the company’s Chiron IR-homing surface- to-air missile, which is in service with the Republic of Korea Army and won the Korea National Defense Science, Research and Development Award in 2004. The missile employs a two-colour seeker that provides good discrimination between a target and modern IR decoy flares.

The system’s light weight and compact dimensions make it portable and rapidly deployable, like the Raybolt man-portable anti-tank guided missile, which is also being shown at IDEX.

The latter weapon can be used in direct or top attack modes, allowing it to target an armoured vehicle’s vulnerable top surfaces. The missile is fire-and-forget and smokeless, reducing the likelihood of the operator being detected and allowing the missile to be fired from inside a building.

LIG Nex1 is also showing its KM-SAM land-based surface-to-air missile and the newly developed K-SAAM naval surface-to-air missile.

Both weapons are vertically launched, with the KM-SAM using radar guidance, and the K-SAAM employing inertial mid-course guidance and a dual microwave and imaging infrared seeker for terminal guidance.

The company is also showing off its Maritime Perimeter Security System, now in service with the Korean Navy. This uses a mix of distributed sensors, passive for outer-zone target detection, magnetic and acoustic sensors for mid-ranges, and active sonar, electro-optical tracking equipment and radar for inner-zone detection.

Hyokoo Lee, chief executive of LIG Nex1, has expressed his company’s commitment to expanding its presence in the UAE market, which he says has a special meaning for LIG Nex1.

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