IDEX 2015

Sure-fire way to spot [IDX15VP]

22 February 2015

Marksmen and long-range shooters want to be sure of what they see at long distances. Swarovski Optik (Stand 07-D44) has just the spotting scope for that purpose, its new STR 80. New technology has enabled Swarovski Optik to become the first manufacturer to successfully project a reticle directly in the spotting scope.

The integrated reticle (graded in minutes of angle/MOA or milliradians/ MRAD) in the STR 80 can be activated or deactivated, allowing the shooter to switch between estimating the distance of an object and observing the target completely undisturbed. By seeing the potential for missing the target in relation to the aiming point, the shooter can make the adjustment needed immediately on the riflescope.

According to the Austrian firm, the STR 80’s integrated projected reticle allows it to be used across the whole zoom range and in bright conditions, with 10 day and five night levels. The dioptre strength can also be adjusted separately.

Swarovski Optik prides itself on the quality of its products, the STR 80 being no exception. It guarantees optimum display quality and outstanding detail recognition for a shooter, even over long distances and in poor light.

The STR 80’s light yet rugged aluminium housing has been tested in extreme climate conditions. It is dirt and dust-proof and watertight to 4m depth.

Swarovski Optik has designed the STR 80 to fit a range of accessories, such as the TLS APO digiscoping adapte r or the PA-i5 (for the iPhone 5/5S) for documentary purposes.

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