IDEX 2015

State-of-the-art firepower [IDX15VP]

22 February 2015

Making its Middle East debut here at the show is the FN Herstal Sea deFNder remote weapon station (RWS).

Based on the deFNder RWS developed for land vehicle applications, the Sea deFNder is intended for employment on board a range of vessel classes, from fast patrol boats to large warships. It provides navies and coast guards with a powerful tool for anti-smuggling and anti-terrorism operations, as well as for self-defence.

Like its land-based equivalent, Sea deFNder is a modular system employing a universal cradle on which can be mounted various FN weapons. It has a sight module with CCD and infrared (either cooled or uncooled) sensors, one-hand or game pad control handle, and a two-axis gyroscope that provides stability during any naval operation.

As well as Sea deFNder, FN Herstal (Belgian Pavilion, Stand 07-B45) is showing many of its wide range of products, including its FN MDPTM turning airborne pintle-mounted weapon system for helicopters.

This highly stable and versatile mounting system has been updated to mount three different weapons: the exclusive .50 cal FN M3MTM/GAU-21 machine gun, which offers a rate of fire of 1,100rpm; the 7.62mm NATO FN MAG 58M machine gun; and the six-barrelled M134D Minigun. All three armaments can be swapped in minutes, enabling helicopters to be rapidly configured to meet their mission objectives.

In terms of weaponry, the company is displaying its proven FN SCAR assault rifle family, available in either 5.56mm or 7.62mm calibres, together with the 40mm LV underslung grenade launcher.

Another weapon being featured is the FN MINIMI, again available in both NATO-standard calibres. This weapon is now in service with more than 75 countries, and has become a firm favourite of special forces.

As part of its drive to broaden its business, FN Herstal has developed a range of associated products, many of which are grouped in the FN e-novation product line. Included are the FCUTM fire control unit, SmartCore shot-counter, small arms management software, and target acquisition and situational awareness modules.

The company also offers laser rangefinders developed by its Finnish subsidiary, Noptel.

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