Trimaran combat system plan gathers momentum - Indo14-Day3

07 November 2014

Defence systems and sensors group Saab (Hall D, Stand 052) is proposing to codevelop a new 63m stealth fast attack craft with local partner PT Lundin (Hall D, Stand 025) to meet the needs of the Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL).

PT Lundin is currently building a second pre-production model of the carbon-fibre composite trimaran design at its yard in East Java, following the loss to fire of the firstof- class demonstrator KRI Klewang shortly after its launch in 2012. An initial four follow-on craft are planned for the TNI-AL.

Powered by four MAN V12 engines driving MJP 550 waterjets, the trimaran platform has been designed to achieve a maximum speed of 28kts and a range (at a 16kt cruise speed) of 2,000nm. An aft boat bay provides for the stowage, launch and recovery of an 11m rigid hull inflatable boat.

Under a partnering agreement with PT Lundin, Saab is now proposing to integrate a full turnkey combat system into the design. This would include a four-console 9LV Mk 4 combat management system, a Sea Giraffe 1X surveillance radar, the SME-150 radar electronic support measures (ESM), a communications ESM system and a CEROS 200 fire control director. The Sea Giraffe 1X radar and ESM systems would be housed inside an enclosed sensor mast.

Main armament would comprise a BAE Systems Bofors 40mm Mk 4 gun (inside a stealthy cupola) and four Saab RBS 15 Mk 3 anti-ship missiles (recessed into the aft superstructure). Four crew-served 0.50 cal machine guns would be fitted to provide close-in protection.

Saab, which would prime the programme, told the Show Daily that it is seeking an early go-ahead from the TNI-AL so that PT Lundin can develop the appropriate structural changes to the current design drawings. These modifications would reconfigure the trimaran design above the hull – for example, raising the bridge deck – to accommodate the new weapon/sensor fit.

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