Rapid field deployment - Indo14-Day3

07 November 2014

Australian radio communications specialist Barrett Communications (Hall A, Stand 019) has developed a PRC-2090 HF version of its Rapid Field Deployment System (RFDS), to partner its PRC-2080 VHF system. The two systems can cross-gate with each other, and have been designed for rapid deployability and ease of set-up.

Packaged in an Amazon antivibration box that is rated for airdrop, the RFDS is battery-powered but can also connect to a mains supply without any need for reconfiguration.

When connected to the mains, the battery is trickle-charged, but there is also a CTEK rapid charger incorporated into the box. The internal battery is a 33Ah sealed unit, but external batteries can also be used.

Ease of use and connection is a key enabler of rapid deployment, and the PRC-2090 HF RFDS has all connections mounted on the front panel. Connections in include power and antennas, while there is a 12V DC power out socket for running external devices. A PC outlet allows computers and tablets to be connected to the radio to enable email, fax and data transfer.

Another element that speeds the deployment of the RFDS is a single earthing point, with all components earthed internally to an external wingnut-based connection. Components such as the radio unit itself and power supply unit are quickly removable.

The system comes complete with voltage and current gauges.

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