Russian modular SAM targets export market - Indo14-Day3

07 November 2014

Russia’s Almaz-Antey Air Defence Concern Joint Stock Company (JSC) (Hall A, Stand 150) is marketing its Tor surface-to-air missile (SAM) in three configurations – tracked, wheeled and modular – to meet different user operational requirements. All three configurations use many of the same components and the 9M331 vertically launched SAM.

A scale model of the modular version is being shown Indo Defence because this could meet regional requirements for a highly effective SAM system to defend high-value targets such as airfields, command centers and critical industrial areas.

The modular version of the latest Tor-M2KM consists of the autonomous combat module 9A331MK-1, on which is installed two surface-to-air missile modules, each with four 9M331 missiles in the ready-to-launch position.

The autonomous combat module is fully enclosed, air conditioned and operated by a crew of two. It includes the target acquisition and tracking radars, missile guidance radars, test and control systems and associated power supply system.

The system weighs 15 tonnes and can be transported on a semi-trailer and then offloaded using a crane. It can also be transported slung under heavy lift helicopters, which enables the system to be rapidly deployed to where it is needed.

The target acquisition radar has a range of 32km and can process up to 48 targets simultaneously and engage four of these targets at once.

According to the prime contractor, the system can successfully engage targets with a maximum speed of up to 700m/s and at a range of up to 15km to an altitude of 10km.

Provision is made to enable the system to exchange information with other Tor-M2KM systems.

Once the missiles have been launched, new pods of four missiles can be loaded using the transporter loader, designated 9T244K, which has a hydraulic crane. Reload is carried out in 18 minutes.

A number of these modules can be controlled by a battery command post, which can be connected to other higher air defence systems to provide a complete layered capability against a wide range of long-, medium- and short-range threats.

Almaz-Antey Air Defence can supply a complete training package, as well as a mobile electric power station to enable the system to run for extended periods.

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