Light Strike Vehicle can handle a wide range of missions - Indo14-Day3

07 November 2014

Being shown for the first time at Indo Defence 2014 is the Indonesian Light Strike Vehicle (ILSV), which has been developed over the past two years by local company PT Jala Berikat Nusantara Perkasa in association with PT Dirgantara Indonesia (Indonesian Aerospace).

The first example of the ILSV has already undertaken initial company road and cross-country trials and the company hopes it will be evaluated by the Indonesia Army in the future.

The ILSV features a combined welded tube and square steel chassis, to which is fitted a steel support structure. This in turn is fitted with aluminum panels to save weight.

The layout of the ILSV is conventional, with the powerpack at the front; to the rear of this are the commander and driver, with another two individual seats to their immediate rear.

The version being shown here at Indo Defence is in the four-door configuration. The load area at the rear is provided with an access door and the complete vehicle is fitted with a soft-cover top and air-conditioning system.

An important feature of the ILSV is its modular design, which enables it to be configured for a wide range of missions. For a higher level of crew survivability, the vehicle can be fitted with modular armoured panels in partnership with Honeywell. These are of aramid and ceramic laminate design, with situational awareness using armour glass panels.

The powerpack consists of a turbocharged and intercooled diesel developing 175hp, coupled to an automatic transmission, which gives a maximum speed of 120km/h with permanent all-wheel drive. Standard equipment includes a winch with a capacity of 4.5 tonnes, an anti-lock braking system, powered steering, double wishbone suspension with coil springs on the front and rigid axle, and leaf spring suspension at the rear.

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