Small-size grenade launcher in production [ID14D2]

06 November 2014

Russia’s KBP Instrument Design Bureau (Hall A, Stand 161) has completed development and is now in quantity production of its Bur small-size grenade launching system. The system comprises an unguided grenade, launched from a disposable launcher tube to which is clipped a reusable pistol-type trigger unit, and the associated sighting system above and to the left. Three types of sighting system are being marketed for use with Bur: day, night and a more advanced thermal system.

Two types of 62mm diameter grenade can be fired – high-explosive and high-explosive fragmentation – with each of these having four wrap-mounted fins at the rear and an overall length of 742mm.

KBP Instrument Design Bureau is quoting a minimum range of 25m and a maximum range of 650m with the baseline day sight. A key feature of Bur is its light weight of 5kg, of which 3.5kg is the round of ammunition in the launcher tube and 1.5kg for the day optical sight.

Bur can be fired from the standing, kneeling or laying position; it can also be fired from within some types of confined space with a volume of at least 30m3.

The company can also supply an electronic training package for use with Bur, the GK62-T, which allows the operator to train in the engagement of various types of targets in different operational conditions.

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