Unmanned from Belarus [ID14D2]

06 November 2014

Belarus’s 558 Aviation Repair Plant is displaying its Grif- K tactical UAV (Hall A, Stand AP109). It has been reported that Vietnam is buying Grif UAVs from Belarus, and last November it was announced that Turkmenistan will set up a production facility. Belarus itself has a requirement for about 20. The company is based at Baranovichi, and was formerly the 558 ARZ of the Soviet air force. It specialises in overhauls of many former Soviet military types, including the Mikoyan MiG-29, Mil Mi-24 and Sukhoi Su-27.

Working in conjunction with DD Indela, 558 ARP has developed the Grif-K from the Grif-1.

With a wingspan of 5.7m, the Grif-K has a 120kg maximum take-off weight and offers a payload of 25kg. It is intended to be part of a system that comprises four UAVs, transporter vehicle and test/ ground control equipment. The Grif-K, which first flew in February 2012, improves on the Grif-1 by having a lighter composite body in place of the Grif-1’s aluminium fuselage.

DD Indela has been designing unmanned vehicles and their control systems since 1996. The company has produced and flown many types of small UAVs for either aerial target or reconnaissance roles. It has recently developed a number of capable rotary-wing UAVs.

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