Advanced land systems on offer [ID14D2]

06 November 2014

With the Indonesian army seeking to modernise its forces to meet new challenges, Saab is proposing a range of its land solutions. The company is promoting weapons and systems that could help to make the Indonesian army better connected, more lethal and quicker to react. Three systems in particular are being highlighted here (Hall D, Stand 052).

Among the weapon systems is the MAPAM advanced mortar system, available in 60mm and 81mm versions and compatible with all inservice launchers. It offers high precision (2 per cent target deviation) and is ideal for close-combat deployment, with greatly reduced risk of collateral damage and friendly-fire incidents. It also uses insensitive munition technology for increased safety of use.

For battle management, Saab is proposing the 9Land C2 system.

Drawing on 40 years’ experience in battle management systems, 9Land C2 is a digital system that allows intelligence sharing and command at various levels of the battlefield organisation, from command posts to vehicles to individual soldiers. The system provides situational awareness at all levels, including real-time blue-force tracking, facilitating decision-making and the issue of orders and threat warnings.

Saab is also promoting the Giraffe AMB (agile multibeam) radar for air surveillance. Packaged with its operating system into a standard ISO container, the mast-mounted sensor provides three-dimensional radar surveillance for short- and medium-range air defence assets, as well as an air surveillance/traffic capability.

The radar scans at a rate of 60rpm and has an elevation capability of 70°. More than 200 targets and 50 jammers can be tracked. For coastal applications, it can also have a surface channel that allows the plotting of a wide range of surface contacts.

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