IF-X cockpit configuration on show [ID14D2]

06 November 2014

Indonesian avionics specialist Infoglobal is showing off a potential cockpit configuration for the IF-X advanced fighter that is being developed by Indonesia and Korea. Versions for both nations will employ the same core computer architecture, but additional elements of the avionics suite will be provided by local companies. Infoglobal has been selected to provide the systems for Indonesia’s IF-X version.

The company has been working on the project for some time, working to a base set of aircraft specifications and air force requirements.

The cockpit on display here (Hall D, Stand 120) features a single large screen, which displays all relevant flight and tactical data. However, a final decision on cockpit layout has not been taken, and Infoglobal has also defined a three-screen configuration should that be selected.

Two small screens below the main display will probably be replaced by a single integrated display.

IF-X will feature sidestick control, and full hands-on-throttle-and-stick functionality. Using the large screen keeps the cockpit simple and clean, making it very user-friendly.

Infoglobal is also proposing an F-5X avionics upgrade for the Indonesian air force (TNI-AU) Northrop F-5E/F fleet. From 2008 the company implemented a two-screen upgrade for Indonesia’s Hawk 100/200s, and is proposing a similar upgrade for the F-5 that would modernise the aircraft should Indonesia decide to extend the service life of the aircraft instead of replacing it with a new fighter.

Under its proposal, Infoglobal would replace a number of analogue systems with new digital hardware.

Two new colour multi-function displays are the most obvious of the new components, but the proposal also adds a digital control display unit, a digital video recorder and a miniature standard central air data computer. Infoglobal has already developed the F-5 upgrade, and it is ready to roll out should the TNIAU decide to apply it to the F-5.

Other Infoglobal projects include a digital pilot display unit for the maritime patrol version of the Airbus/ PTDI NC 212-200, and the TDAS integrated national air traffic monitoring system that integrates the multi-track pictures of three disparate radars into one map-based display.

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