Bolts out of the blue [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

The strong presence of LIG Nex1 Co Ltd (Hall A, Stand 033), one of the leading defence companies in the Republic of Korea, reflects the fact that Indonesia was its first export customer and, since 2006, has continued to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. In 2013, the company opened a branch office in Indonesia to assist in expanding Indonesia’s defence capabilities through substantial technology transfers, weapon improvement projects and munitions support.

Chief executive Hyokoo Lee has expressed his strong commitment towards the Indonesian market.

“It is true that we [the Korean defence industry] still have a long way to go. But it is also true that we’ve been very successful in our previous attempts to develop the most sophisticated defence products. I strongly believe that we are now ready to take our next step and expand our presence in the Indonesian market.”

Among its varied products and systems, LIG Nex1 is highlighting its latest C-Star ship-to-ship missile, the Raybolt third-generation anti-tank guided missile, the portable surface-to-air missile Chiron, and the Blue Shark, a lightweight torpedo. The completely automated C-Star was developed jointly with the Agency for Defence Development and has proven superior hit probability in live fire tests.

It is provided with sea-skimming capability, waypoints, and pop-up attack, to ensure guaranteed hits.

The Blue Shark torpedo can be launched from surface ships, ASW helicopters, and maritime patrol aircraft, and has been operated by the Korean Navy since 2005. Using beam-steering technology, Blue Shark transmits an acoustic wave to detect, track and engage hostile underwater targets.

The 1.6m-long Chiron portable guided missile can neutralise aircraft and helicopters at a range of up to 7km and an altitude of 35,000m, at a speed of Mach 2.0. Weighing only 16kg, its reduced size and weight significantly improve mobility. The infrared homing technology makes it unnecessary for the shooter to align the missile with the target. Raybolt, a third-generation, smokeless anti-tank missile for infantry units, also uses fire-and-forget technology.

Other precision-guided munitions include the short-range air-to-air Pegasus and medium-range K-SAM missiles, the Red Shark anti-submarine missile, and the wire-guided heavyweight torpedo. LIG Nex1 also has electronic warfare systems, combat network radio systems, and the LRS-450 long-range surveillance radar in its armour.

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