More than fire control [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

As a production partner of the USA’s SecuGen company, South Korea’s Woo Kyun Optics Co has been manufacturing optical fing erprint identification devices and peripherals for many years, writes Brian M Walters.

It exports not only to the USA but also to defence customers in Europe, Japan and many other countries.

Employing FBI fing erprint identification technolo y, Woo Kyun (Hall A, Stand AP206) supplies appropriate devices to the US G overnment, as well.

However, Woo Kyun also produces various kinds of optical fi re control equipment, which it has supplied to the Korean military and others. The company’s fi re control devices include panoramic telescopes, as well as standard and elbow telescopes for use with a wide ran e of weapons. These include the 105mm/155mm howitzers, 106mm recoilless rifl es, 90mm, 81mm, 60mm and 4.2in mortars, and 20mm Vulcan Gatlin g guns.

Additional defence-related optical products manufactured by Woo Kyun include day and ni ht fi re control devices and other equipment used in aircraft, while the KM1A2 collimator (pictured) provides infinity aimin g on the battlefifield.

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