ASTROS II boosts firepower [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

Indonesia has taken delivery from Avibras Indústria Aeroespacial of Brazil (Hall D, Stand 271) of the first batch of ASTROS (Artillery Saturation Rocket System) II artillery rocket systems (ARS), which were ordered in 2012.

The contract is valued at US$402m and covers the supply of a complete ASTROS II Mk.6 ARS comprising 36 6x6 wheeled launchers plus unguided surface-to-surface rockets, rocket resupply vehicles, fire control vehicles, battery command vehicles and associated logistics support vehicles.

The contract is expected to be completed by 2016 and also includes the transfer of technology to Indonesia to allow for local industry to carry out maintenance work on ASTROS II ARS.

ASTROS II ARS will be issued to two battalions of the Indonesian Army each with 18 launchers, which will be split into three batteries, each with six launchers and be deployed in West Java and East Java as part of the Strategic Reserve Command. These will complement the towed artillery systems currently deployed by the Indonesian Army and provide a suppressive firepower capability at long range, which it currently lacks.

ASTROS II ARS will fire the SS-60 300mm rocket, which has a minimum range of 20km and a maximum range of 60km, and the SS-80 300mm rocket, which has a range of 20-80km. In the longer term, the system would be capable of firing rockets with guidance system to provide a more precision effect.

Indonesia is the second country in the region to order ASTROS II ARS; Malaysia has already taken delivery of its systems, which have been issued to two Malaysian Army regiments (51st and 52nd).

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