Multi-beam radar on test [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

Thales Nederland has begun testing its new-generation NS 100 E/F-band 3D dual-axis multi-beam radar at its Hengelo facility ahead of commencing customer deliveries next year.

Building on Thales Nederland’s established pedigree in both rotating and fixed-face shipborne radars, notably the respective SMART-S Mk 2 and Sea Master 400 product lines, NS 100 is being positioned to meet the littoral surveillance needs of small-to-medium size surface combatants. According to the company, the combination of an electronically stabilised, mechanically rotating antenna and an active electronically scanned array – able to generate beams simultaneously in elevation and azimuth – delivers a significant increase in time on target, and thus improved radar detection performance against small targets, even in clutter.

Thales Nederland has also provided the option to integrate other sensors into the NS 100 antenna housing, to save topside space and create a true multi-sensor platform.

Options include an IFF interrogator/ transponder (Mode 5/S), a SCOUT Mk 3 frequency-modulated continuous wave radar for close-in surface surveillance, AIS, ADS-B, and an infrared camera for local situational awareness.

Thales Nederland secured a first series production contract for eight NS 100 systems in early 2013. While the company has declined to identify the customer, it has been widely reported that the radars are to equip eight new Littoral Mission Vessels on order for the Republic of Singapore Navy.

The first NS 100 production system was installed on the test tower in Hengelo at the start of October; a second NS 100 unit is currently undergoing antenna testing, with a further two radars in the build-up phase. Factory acceptance testing to support initial deliveries to the lead customer is scheduled for mid-2015.

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