Future of threat detection [ID14D1]

05 November 2014

Airbus Defense and Space Inc (Hall A, Stand A049) is presenting its new SONEX-P portable explosives threat detection system, offering visitors the opportunity to witness live demonstrations. “The SONEX-P system represents the future of threat detection,” said David Romaine, SONEX-P programme manager. “It delivers faster results, clearer views of the threat and a greatly improved degree of safety for first responders and explosives technicians.”

Weighing less than 23kg (50 lb), the lightweight SONEX-P comprises only two elements – a manportable detection head and a companion laptop computer – that work in tandem to identify, detect and discriminate chemical, radiological, nuclear or explosive threats located in parcels, luggage, ordnance or abandoned bags.

The chief characteristic which differentiates SONEX-P from X-ray based detection devices is its combination of neutron technology with 3D imaging, enabling faster threat detection and more accurate views of a threat. It allows first responders to interrogate suspicious packages from a safe distance without handling them. Easy to use, the device does all the work – signalling a live threat with a red light on its console and a non-threat condition with a green light. The system software can be optimised to detect other emerging chemical, nuclear and radiological threats.

Successful demonstrations of SONEX-P have been conducted in the USA for representatives of major international airports, homeland security agencies, and federal, state and local law enforcement organisations. Capability demonstrations have been held for representatives of the US Domestic Nuclear Defeat Organization, the Metropolitan Washington (DC) Airports Authority, and the US Postal Service, among others.

SONEX-P accurately detected and identified a range of hidden explosive threats – each in a single scan.

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