Eurosatory 2014

Terrier streaks ahead (ES14E1)

16 June 2014

The BAE Systems Combat Vehicles UK Terrier Combat Engineer Vehicle (CEV) is being shown for the first time outside the UK here on Outdoor Stand G20.

Just before Eurosatory, the Terrier CEV was demonstrated at the French Army Engineer School in Angers, which has a requirement to replace its in-service equipment, for which the Terrier fulfils a high number of anticipated requirements.

The Terrier CEV achieved its final projected in-service date in mid-2013 with 20 production standard vehicles and 12 trained crews ready for deployment by the Royal Engineers. BAE Systems is supplying 60 production Terrier CEVs plus a complete training package and integrated logistics support (ILS).

By early June 2014, 50 Terrier CEVs had been completed, with final deliveries due in August 2014 to the Final Acceptance Build Standard (FABS). These are being built at the BAE Systems facility at Newcastle-upon-Type, which closes this year, but all Terrier CEV jigs and tools have been retained at Telford to meet future production orders.

Terrier CEV is issued to RE Close Support Squadrons and can carry out numerous roles including mobility support (obstacle and route clearance), counter-mobility (digging of antitank ditches and other obstacles) and survivability (digging of trenches and armoured fighting vehicle slots).

It is referred to as a ‘Swiss Army Knife’, due to the extensive range of equipment carried for its engineer mission. This includes a front-mounted bucket, which can be replaced by a Pearson Engineering surface mine plough, and an excavator arm on the right side which can be rapidly fitted with a variety of attachments. It can carry fascines to drop into anti-tank ditches and tow a trailer carrying the Python rocket-propelled mine clearing system. A complete environmental control system, including an air conditioning and NBC system, is also provided.

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