Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

New Chinese rocket launcher [AAD143]

19 September 2014

Poly Technologies of China (Hangar 2, Stand CP8) unveiled its latest Shoulder Launched Rocket (SLR) disposable system at AAD 2014, which is claimed to offer low collateral damage.

This appears to be a more recent version of the previously revealed 80mm DZJ08 but optimised for use in urban operations. According to Poly Technologies, this weapon, which weighs only 8kg, has an effective range of between 25m and 200m and is fitted with a simple day sight.

Typical roles include breaching doors or walls in buildings during an assault in urban operations, as well as engaging other targets such as bunkers and even some light armoured vehicle and tactical support vehicles.

claimed to have a low launch signature. It can be used in a confined spaces due to the counter-mass system at the rear of the rocket. Once used, the launcher is disposed of.

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