Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Mamba strikes twice [AAD143]

19 September 2014

South African company Osprea Logistics (Hangar 4, Stand C2) is now offering two versions of its Mamba Mk 5 (4x4) protected vehicle – one has a complete driveline from Magirus-Deutz, while the other has a complete driveline from Iveco. Spare parts for these are available from a well-established worldwide dealership.

The Mamba being shown at AAD 2014 is the Magirus-Deutz version, which is powered by a six-cylinder inline turbocharged diesel developing 182hp coupled to an Allison fully automatic six-speed transmission, although a manual transmission is an option. The vehicle shown also has a full air-conditioning system fitted.

Both versions feature a V-shaped monocoque hull with a double layer of armour of 12mm, 6mm and 5mm with a 65mm interspace. This is stated to provide ballistic protection up to STANAG 4569 Level 3 with the option to upgrade to Level 5 and beyond. The bullet-/splinterproof windows have the same level of ballistic protection as the crew compartment.

The Mamba Mk 5 has been developed by Osprea Logistics as a private venture for the export market and an undisclosed number of customers have now purchased this vehicle. According to the company, 60 Mamba Mk 5s were exported in the first year of production for an African peacekeeping operation.

As expected, a high level of blast protection to STANAG 4569 Level 4 is provided, which is equivalent to a 14kg anti-tank mine under the hull, but this is also upgradable. Unlike some vehicles of this type, the engine compartment is protected.

A number of options are available, such as a central tyre inflation system and various weapon installations. As well as an armoured personnel carrier, the vehicle could be used for applications such as ambulance, command vehicle, mortar carrier and explosive ordnance disposal vehicle.

In addition to supplying complete Mamba Mk 5 protected vehicles, the company can supply vehicles in a semi-knock-down (SKD) kit for local assembly in the end user’s own facilities. This could also include welding some or all of the armoured body if the local country had the capability to carry this out.

Osprea Logistics has also supplied significant numbers of refurbished vehicles for the export market, including the Casspir MRAP type and SAMIL trucks for United Nations operations in Africa.

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