Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Light bird for light jobs [AAD143]

19 September 2014

Named after a tiny garden bird quietly and efficiently going about its business, Wagtail Aviation (Hangar 3, Stand A10) specialises in gyroplanes for commercial and military operations.

Now offering a complete family of gyroplanes, Wagtail has the Trojan tandem two-seater for long-distance patrol or surveillance missions. The Trooper is an open three-seater aimed at short-hop deployments in theatre. Two passengers are seated back-to-back behind the pilot, able to disembark in seconds.

Wagtail’s LDG, or light delivery gyro, is enclosed for a pilot and two passengers, or configured for medevac, or for light cargo up to 300kg, which can be dropped in two boxes with pinpoint accuracy. The gyroplanes have a maximum all-up weight of 790kg, and are capable of carrying a payload of approximately 400kg. They were designed to operate from unprepared fields.

For ease of maintenance, COTS equipment has largely been incorporated, including a commercial Subaro engine with output ranges of 180-300hp. The aircraft incorporates an autonomous onboard computer for realtime communications and tracking, as well as mission adaptability.

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