Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Shine some light on it [AAD143]

19 September 2014

Light is both a blessing and a nuisance. Megaray (Hangar 7, Dti pavilion), a specialist in ultra high-intensity portable and mobile searchlights, has just upgraded its MR2300 model to provide a 2° spot light at 5km (3.1 miles) from the original 3km.

The searchlight offers powerful long-reach illumination for frontline operations or search and rescue. Its nuisance value applies to the enemy, as Leonard Friedland, chief executive, explains: “The illuminated enemy is immediately at a psychological disadvantage, often unable to visually observe opposition movements and even blinded by the light.”

He explains that the longer reach of the MR2300 extends beyond the range of a gun to provide visible identification of the target, thereby adding to the psychological and psychosomatic advantage for the operator.

Typical static applications for this model include perimeter lighting, also for CCTV surveillance and border illumination, while operator applications include sniper suppression, counter-terrorism in vehicle or machine-gun mounts, as well as crowd control.

The MR2300 was specifically designed for gun platforms and vehicle mounts, giving uniform lighting of the target and surroundings. According to Friedland, it also has a strobe intense light and can be operated by remote switches or software.

“Such powerful light not only denies the enemy a night-vision capability, pre-empting the ability to return fire, but in a hostage situation could even help to de-escalate a potentially dangerous situation before any shots are fired,” he said. Undeniably a blessing and a nuisance.

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