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Stop rhino poaching! [AAD143]

19 September 2014

The cruel and gruesome act of killing a rhino for its horns has struck at the hearts of our country and has mobilised our citizens into wanting to do something to help,” said Elise Daffue, founding director of As of 10 September, 769 rhinos have lost their lives to poachers this year.

Seecrypt, (Hangar 6, Stand C17), the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and have formed a partnership to deliver military-grade secure communications to the teams of dedicated individuals fighting the war against rhino poaching.

Poaching syndicates are sophisticated in their approaches and many factors have contributed to rhino deaths at the hands of poachers. “We are up against multiple layers of organised crime – from rhino poachers on the ground to wildlife trafficking kingpins sitting overseas,” said Daffue.

The relative ease of communication hacking today means the interception of communications between enforcement role players could be a possible next step for criminal syndicates. This will wreak havoc with operational security and investigations.

Seecrypt, a provider of encryption technologies for commercial voice and messaging applications, provides end-to-end, highly encrypted communications on mobile devices for the leading operating systems, including iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows Mobile 8. This enables voice calls, text messages and images to be securely shared.

The role of the CSIR, which manages the partnership, “ is to undertake science and research to make a difference and contribute to national priorities.

The ultimate aim is to find the right solutions to better protect our national assets”, said Chris Serfontein, manager, technology for special operations.

Daffue added: “Seecrypt has neutralised a significant threat. Partnerships with the likes of Seecrypt and the CSIR will help our rhinos and those trying to protect them – an effective combination of technology, dedication and peace of mind.”

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