Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Scene at the show

19 September 2014
Pride of the South African Air Force – the Saab Gripen undertakes a range of duties, including air defence, ground attack and reconnaissance. This No. 2 Squadron aircraft carries bombs and the Digital Joint Reconnaissance Pod.

The SA-330 Puma is a preserved aircraft with the SAAF museum and part of the historic collection.

Proudly wearing patriotic colours, this two-seater Cheetah represents the generation of South African front-line fighter before the arrival of the Gripen

The graceful lines of the Vampire hark back to the early days of the jet age. South Africa operated the type as its first jet trainer.

South Africa’s aerial ambassadors – the Silver Falcons display team perform precision formation aerobatics in their Pilatus PC-7 Astra trainers. The team is now in its 47th year

South African Army mortar team prepare to engage a target in the AAD ‘Mini-war’.

The Ratel is the standard infantry fighting vehicle of the South African Army and will eventually be replaced by the Denel Land Systems Badger, soon to enter production.

Heavy equipment transporter carries an early-generation Olifant main battle tank.

The latest generation of Olifant MBT will remain in service for some years to come because no funds have been allocated for its replacement

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