Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Total protection from STREIT [AAD142]

18 September 2014

Protecting and saving lives by delivering a range of vehicles and training courses is the main focus of the Streit Group (Aircraft Park), which is presenting its armoured vehicle and security solutions here at the show. Its Typhoon MRAP, Varan, Warrior and Shrek models, which were recently launched at Eurosatory 2014, are making their African debut.

Other products being presented are the Cougar armoured personnel carrier – the lowest-priced Level B6 APC on the market, the Spartan light armoured vehicle (LAV), and Scorpion, the latter tested and certified to STANAG Level 3 blast protection standard and now ready for STANAG Level 4 testing.

Streit’s growing portfolio of up-armoured and armoured vehicles is customised for personal protection, cash-in-transit, heavy-duty cash-in-transit, law enforcement, and for military tactical units. Armouring can also be provided for existing civilian platforms, such as custom-built luxury sedans and SUVs.

The group is highlighting the APC solutions best suited to Africa’s needs.

“We are very familiar with the challenges faced by customers in the region, and the need to counter the many threats to human lives,” said chief executive Guerman Goutorov. “We understand especially the need for vehicles to protect against mines and other explosives – and the fact that those vehicles must be provided quickly.”

Every vehicle has been engineered for easy maintenance and agile all-terrain capabilities, as well as a high level of protection. They can be customised and supplied immediately from available stock or, in the case of larger orders, delivered through one of the manufacturer’s growing worldwide production facilities.

More than 12,000 Streit Group armoured vehicles have been deployed by civilian and military customers in some of the world’s most hostile environments.

Streit has a production capacity of more than 500 vehicles a month.

Streit is launching its global defence and emergency training programme here at the show, which it describes as a “total protection” approach. “Our first priority is to save lives, and to do that we have to be sure that protection technology is used as effectively as possible,” said Goutorov. “The driving methods, defensive strategies and other skills we teach will help organisations to adapt more quickly in response to the region’s rapidly evolving security challenges. Whether the threat comes from militant militias, terrorists or any other source of conflict, we can provide the skill sets – as well as the vehicles – to give you the very best defence force.”

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