Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Vehicle and body protection rolled into one [AAD142]

18 September 2014

Armor USA (Hangar 1, Stand B17a) provides a range of armoured products for body and vehicle protection in both the law enforcement and defence sectors, writes David Donald.

Here at AAD, the company is showing off a versatile and lightweight new product known as the Carshield. Despite its name, it can also be quickly removed to serve as personal armour.

The Carshield has been developed for discreet use where fixed vehicle armour would be inappropriate. It comprises a flexible sheet of armour that gives protection to Level IIIA, with a transparent top section. When not required, the armour is rolled up and kept within the carrier vehicle, but in a potentially hostile situation the vehicle’s occupants can rapidly attach the Carshield to the outside of the side windows, the upper transparent section corresponding to the window of the vehicle itself so that outside visibility is unimpaired.

The rolled section drops down the side of the vehicle to provide ballistic protection for the doors.

On the outside of the transparent section is a carrying handle. As the occupants dismount, they can rapidly detach the armour from the side of the vehicle, and use it as a personal bodyshield. The system has obvious applications to special armed police and anti-terrorist units.

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