Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Let’s hope the weather holds [AAD141]

17 September 2014

We are always concerned about weather, no matter our profession. For pilots, it is arguably of greater concern due to the safety aspects of avoiding storms and lightning along the flight route.

As a supplier of specialist weather instruments for a range of industrial sectors, CW Price & Co (Hangar 2, Stand A4) has several innovative products for the flying fraternity. Its locally developed VitalWeather system uses the Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station as the data source. A smart GPRS modem interrogates the weather station and the data is relayed to a central server at five-minute intervals – essentially a live transmission.

This allows for weather data to be viewed or downloaded on any web-enabled PC or smartphone.

The data, including 24-hour history graphs, can be accessed with a mobile phone via SMS or email. An analytics tab provides data on wind, for example, windspeed averages, turbulence, wind direction distribution and temperature averages.

VitalWeather can also text or email information on adverse weather conditions to up to three users.

The benefit for pilots is obvious: with Vital- Weather installed at the destination airport, they now have the ability to view conditions online prior to takeoff, or to receive an SMS of current conditions prior to landing. This enables them to make an informed decision on go or no-go.

CW Price’s Weathertalk allows the pilot to activate the system, which includes a Dittel Avionik KRT2 VHF-AM transceiver, with their microphone button to start transmitting weather parameters back to the aircraft.

CW Price managing director Kelvin Price said: “Weathertalk is aimed primarily at owners and operators of remote airstrips, even military airfields, to improve the safety of operating from these remote areas.”

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