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Travelling in luxury [AAD141]

17 September 2014

Whether business takes you from city to city or from continent to continent, South Africa’s Elegance Group (Aircraft Park) is ready to offer a bespoke luxury travel experience. With access to a worldwide database of carefully selected aircraft, it can tailor any itinerary to personal requirements, aiming not only to provide innovative, flawless and flexible travel, but also savings in time and money.

While most executives and management-level individuals have had the experience of travelling on a commercial airline for business, fewer have had the pleasure of benefiting from the use of a private charter for executive travel.

“Corporates, businesses and individuals who use chartered aircraft know that it is a strategic tool to conduct business,” said chief executive Max Hussmann.

Elegance claims to be different, giving customers the freedom to fly when it suits them and from whichever airport is most convenient, providing flights to more than 250 African airports and some 5,000 worldwide, the vast majority not accessible on commercial services.

Customers can set their own schedule, arrive at the airport, board and fly within 10 minutes, with every flight being direct. A celebrated chef will take care of every in-flight need. While the company prides itself on providing an exceptional flying experience, it also offers a door-to-door service to create seamless travel.

Elegance Aviation Consulting can also support clients who want to own their own charter company or require aircraft fleet management, and can provide assistance with various aviation regulations. Elegance is the only Diamond Aircraft Industries service and sales distributor in southern Africa.

Other partners are Par Avion, an executive inflight caterer, online wine boutique Klipperskloof, Bloomberg, which connects influential decisionmakers, the Washington Speakers Bureau and Boating World.

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