Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Manufactured in Germany [AAD141]

17 September 2014

German company Aerodata AG (Hangar 3, Stand C26B) is a leading provider of highly specialised and complex systems for air traffic control organisations, aircraft manufacturers, operators of special missions aircraft and helicopters, as well as manufacturers of avionics systems and equipment. The company recently completed the delivery of a maritime patrol King Air 350ER aircraft to the Prefectura Naval Argentina under subcontract to Beechcraft.

Aerodata provided and integrated its AeroMission mission system, a Telephonics 1700B search radar, FLIR Safire III EO/IR sensor, direction finder, A/S transponder and various communications equipment. Aerodata also handed over the 73rd Flight Inspection System for Smart Aviation to NANSC, Egypt. It was responsible for the development and production for its new AeroFIS flight inspection system, as well as integration into a new King Air 350.

Also announced was the EASA certification of the dual-channel variant of the new AeroPhone+, which permits voice and data communication using the Iridium satellite network. AeroPhone+ can be interfaced with aircraft or helicopter intercom systems.

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