Africa Aerospace & Defense 2014

Sponsorship salute [AAD141]

17 September 2014

This year’s African Aerospace & Defence show is being sponsored by Barloworld Power, OTT Technologies and Reutech, proof of the growing diversity and expertise in this vital sector of the South African economy.

Barloworld Power

As well as sponsoring AAD 2014, Barloworld Power Rental, the Cat dealer for Southern Africa for the past 27 years, is providing prime power generators to AAD 2014 and is sponsoring the use of four AllightSykes mobile lighting towers. The tender to supply the generators was awarded last year and the scope of supply includes 27 Cat generators – three 60kVA units, four 100kVA units, two 150kVA units, fourteen 200kVa units, three 300kVA units and one 400kVA unit.

Barloworld Power sales consultant, Brendon Hart, said: “Our rental business unit is excited to be a part of such a prestigious event. The Cat generators will be used to supply prime power to the entire show, including the various hangars and food courts.”

The industrial, marine and electric power divisions of Barloworld Power (Hangar 6, Stand C5) will also be present at the event. “Our industrial and marine presence is synonymous with AAD. Securing defence equipment through OEMs and marine shipbuilders is a concern, considering the drive by government for local supply and job creation,” explained Theo Jooste, Barloworld Power’s rental and industrial operations manager.

“Ensuring that these vessels and equipment are equipped with reliable engines and generators is a primary focus of Barloworld Power. The reliability of Cat engines is key in sectors such as these, where there should be little allowance for engine downtime,” he added.

OTT Technologies

Another of the Africa Aerospace and Defence 2014 sponsors is OTT Technologies (Pty) Ltd, a company that has been in operation since 1980. It specialises in the refurbishment of military vehicles, as well as in the design, development and manufacturing of armoured and mine-protected vehicles – an expertise that it has developed over the past 20 years.

A secondary business activity is the supply of new and refurbished original spares for its refurbished products.

OTT’s products include the Marrua M27, a light armoured patrol vehicle (LAPV) with a crew of four that is built on an Agrale Marrua AM200CD chassis and is supported through the Agrale distributor network. The M27 LAPV is primarily designed as a patrol and general utility vehicle, protecting the crew against small arms fire and the side blasts from improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It can also be configured as a reconnaissance and surveillance vehicle and a tactical command and control vehicle.

Another OTT product is the V-shaped hull Puma M36 4×4, an armoured personnel carrier with mine and IED protection. This is an evolutionary and larger extension of the Puma M26 and is also built on a commercial truck driveline. The vehicle’s main users are the military and police in peacekeeping roles, homeland security and other asymmetric warfare operations. The Puma M36 is a high-mobility, mine-protected patrol vehicle, weapons carrier and command vehicle.


Reutech, part of Reunert Limited and one of the sponsors of AAD 2014, is exhibiting in Hangar 4, Stands B1-4, and will also occupy an outside stand, where various hardware and products will be on display, showcasing all the successful developments that have been completed over the past two years.

“Our objective is to give clients a one-stop overview of the wide range of products and services that we will be offering and to give them a chance to meet our staff on a personal level. The group has made considerable progress in the fields of tactical communications, radar and remote turrets,” said CEO Peter van der Bijl.

Products on display here at the show include Reutech’s new tactical communications network suite and airborne radio, Ngada border surveillance radar, StealthRad mobile radar, FMCW optronics radar tracking system, new low-cost security radar solutions and the 20mm Naval Rogue turret.

Delivery of the final RSR 210N radars to the Norwegian navy was one of the highlights of the past year; others included the demonstration of the DBRXL radar in guidance of missiles to an extended range, stronger exports of HF radio solutions to Asia and improvements in longer-term Rogue export commitments for both land and naval domains.

“We are excited about our recent international partnership agreements on Rogue turrets and our new prospects for supplying unified enterprise communications, which will also be on show at AAD,” said van der Bijl.

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