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South African Badger evaluation going well, says Denel

26 June 2014

The Badger infantry combat vehicle developed by Denel Land Systems for the South African Army is now undergoing test and evaluation by the Joint Project Team (JPT) and engineers from the defence acquisition agency Armscor. According to Denel Land Systems CEO Stephan Burger, the programme is progressing well and things are on track for series production to begin within two years.

Prototype vehicles are undergoing firing trials at the Armscor Alkantpan test area, while the JPT is working with regular troops to conduct a final practical evaluation to fine-tune the vehicle at the army's Combat Training Centre at Lohatla. Meanwhile, confirmation of the Badger's dynamic performance and testing of its environmental and electromagnetic aspects are being carried out at the Armscor's Gerotek vehicle test centre.

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