Country Risk

Somali Islamists likely to exploit growing violence in northern Kenya to stage more sabotage and kidnap attacks

23 June 2014


Kenyan local media reported fighting between rival Degodia and Garre clans on 21 June in the Gunan area along the Wajir-Mandera county border in Kenya's Northeast Province, which left 20 people dead and nine injured.

Violence between the two ethnic Somali communities, largely due to cattle raiding and land disputes, has escalated, with up 80 dead and hundreds of locals displaced over the last month. Kenyan government officials are investigating possible political incitement behind the escalation in violence, as the boundaries and administrations for the newly created counties have been a source of dispute between the two communities. The Degodia clan, which forms the majority in Wajir, claims that the Garre has violated a power-sharing agreement made before the March 2013 general election.

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