Eurosatory 2014

Vote of confidence (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

CTAI (Nexter, Outside Stand A600) announced at Eurosatory that its 40mm Case Telescoped Armament System (CTAS) received formal qualification from the French and UK ministries of defence late in May 2014 and CTAI issued its certificates of design on 10 June.

The qualification certification is a major vote of confidence for Anglo-French co-operation because both nations can now move towards the procurement of serial production weapons and ammunition, which is being led by the UK MoD.

The first phase of the qualification programme, which took three years, covered the 40mm cannon. The first two natures of ammunition are armour-piercing fin-stabilised discarding sabot – tracer (APFSDS-T) and target practice tracer (TP-T).

Now undergoing qualification is the general-purpose round – point detonating – tracer (GPRPD- T), followed by the general-purpose round – air bursting tracer (GPR-AB-T). CTAI has also disclosed that a number of additional 40mm rounds are envisioned, including kinetic energy target practice training rounds, smoke and spotting.

The 40mm CTAS has been mandated for the British Army Warrior Capability Sustainment Programme and for the Specialist Vehicle – Scout. It is also the preferred option for the French Army Engin Blindé de Reconnaissance et de Combat reconnaissance vehicle, which is the replacement for the currently deployed AMX-10RC and Sagaie armoured cars, with 248 expected to be procured.

Production of the 40mm CTAS cannon will be undertaken in the CTAI facility in Bourges, France, with UK contractors supplying subsystems.

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