Eurosatory 2014

TerraMax UGV clears the path (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

One of the highlights of the daily live demonstrations at Eurosatory 2014 is the TerraMax unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) from Oshkosh Defense (Hall 5, Stand D657). The converted M-ATV is equipped with a mine roller, and autonomously navigates a course to simulate mine-clearing operations. As well as rollers, the TerraMax can be equipped with other route proving/mine clearance systems, such as ground-penetrating radar.

TerraMax is a modular, multisensor kit that can be integrated into new production vehicles or retrofitted to older platforms.

The system allows the vehicles to operate seamlessly with manned vehicles at full operational tempo, and to autonomously operate without any degradation of the baseline vehicle’s performance. The system has been engineered to be easy to operate, requiring only a few days’ training. The control unit can be used by a single operator to supervise several autonomous UGVs simultaneously.

Oshkosh has been working on UGV technology for around a decade. Building upon earlier CargoMax research contracts for unmanned logistics missions, TerraMax system development is aimed primarily at route reconnaissance and clearance missions. It has been conducted both independently by the company and in collaboration with the US Army and Marine Corps. During tests, Oshkosh UGVs have proved a number of important functions, including the ability to avoid obstacles, obey traffic regulations and to travel at self-regulated speeds. Navigation across rough terrain and in adverse weather has been demonstrated, while a vehicle operated for more than 10km in a GPS blackout without any performance degradation.

The system is of open architecture to allow the integration of new systems as they are developed. Oshkosh has teamed with the National Robotics Engineering Center of Carnegie Mellon University for perception system and autonomy software development.

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