Eurosatory 2014

Improving smart weapons’ ability (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

Honeywell Aerospace (Hall 5, Stand B751) has announced an addition to its tactical guidance technology product line – a smaller, higher performing and more efficient Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) for missiles, smart munitions and unmanned aerial vehicles. This device improves the measurement for guidance, control, stabilisation and pointing applications, adding more precision where GPS is not available.

The HG1700 Enhanced IMU is smaller than previous versions, with 20 per cent less volume. It maintains the existing mounting features and has better sensor accuracy and lower noise, resulting in improved performance. Building on an already proven industry standard, the HG1700 Enhanced IMU features upgraded gyroscope technology capable of providing exceptional navigational data.

The three ring laser gyroscopes, three quartz resonating beam accelerometers and associated electronics are all environmentally sealed in a rugged aluminium housing. The HG1700 also employs an external environmental ring isolator to filter unwanted sensor inputs.

Approximately 400,000 Honeywell’s IMUs are in use today.

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