Eurosatory 2014

Sarmat hits the target (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

The State Enterprise Kyiv Design Bureau Luchs (Hall 5, Stand J657) is the missile systems house of Ukraine and has now expanded into the design and development of complete weapon systems. At Eurosatory, the bureau has released details of its Sarmat remote weapon system that has been designed for installation on land platforms, as well as for naval applications.

Mounted on the left side of the launcher is a pod of four anti-tank missiles that can be the RK-3 with a maximum range of 2,500m or the larger RK-2S with a maximum range of 5,000m.

Both of these missiles are of the laser beam-riding type and can be fitted with two types of warhead – tandem highexplosive anti-tank (HEAT) to defeat targets fitted with explosive reactive armour (ERA), and high explosive fragmentation.

Mounted in the middle is not the normal Russian 12.7mm machine gun (MG), but the British Manroy Engineering .50 M2 HB MG (Quick Change Barrel), for which ammunition is available from a wide range of sources.

The sensor package is on the right side and includes the missile guidance system with laser channel and narrow and wide field of view optics. It also has the Selex ES Hawk SLX thermal imaging camera that features a fixed field of view and electronic x4 zooming.

The operator is seated under full armour protection and provided with a flat panel display to locate the target and launch the missiles. All the operator has to do is keep the sight locked onto the target until missile impact.

Time of flight to the maximum range of the RK-2S missile is being quoted as 23 seconds, with the shorter range RK-3 taking 13 seconds to reach its maximum range.

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