Eurosatory 2014

An arsenal of weapons (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

Bulgaria’s armaments company Arsenal (Hall 6, Stand L373) is displaying its latest products here at Eurosatory, including multishot and standalone grenade launchers, assault rifles, smoke and illuminating mortar bombs and its newest CS hand grenades family, as well as the latest thermobaric products.

The 40x46mm, extremely lightweight and single-shot standalone grenade launcher UGGL-M1 is a powerful close-support weapon featuring ergonomic design and quick single or area target acquisitions at distances up to 400m. Featuring the traditional Arsenal milled receiver, the new 5.56x45mm AR-M5FTB assault rifle complements the NATO standard assault rifles with a new telescopic buttstock, ambidextrous fire/safety lever and four-position picatinny rails. The 60, 81, 82 and 120mm mortar bombs are notable for a streamlined design of the body that can be coupled with a variety of the company’s fuzes.

The CS grenades with the new line of 40mm and 40x46mm rounds are said to be highly effective for counter-insurgency operations, riot containment and order restoration.

Intended for combined destruction, both by air blast and thermal emission, thermobaric technology is incorporated in hand grenades, 40mm rounds for grenade launchers, rounds for RPG and SPG family weapons and mortar bombs.

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