Eurosatory 2014

Airburst attack from above (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

Dynamit Nobel Defence (Hall 6, Stand K632) is expecting to begin production by the end of the year of the latest development of its RG 90 shoulder-launched weapon family. Known as RG 90-LRMP (long-range, multipurpose), the new weapon has been developed in collaboration with the German Special Forces, which required a weapon that could effectively defeat firing positions behind cover and at long range.

To achieve this, the weapon has a programmable airburst option, as well as having range extended to a guaranteed 1,200m. Using a day/night targeting sight developed by Cassidian Optronics, the operator can employ a laser rangefinder to select the correct airburst distance setting. By detonating the warhead above the threat, it can be destroyed even if it is hidden behind protective cover. Airburst detonation can also be devastating over an 8-16m2 radius against troop concentrations.

DND’s new LRMP recoilless grenade weapon has applications in theatres such as Afghanistan, where hostile forces routinely use thick-walled houses for cover, but which are vulnerable to airburst attack from above through thinly constructed roofs. An alternative approach is to punch a hole with a tandemwarhead weapon such as the RG 90-AS, which has a steel penetrator and follow-through grenade.

In addition to its airburst capability, the RG 90-LRMP has impact and delay fuzing options, allowing it to be used against soft-skinned vehicles and other targets. The weapon alone weighs just 10kg, with the sight adding a further kilogramme.

After firing, the tube is disposed of, while the valuable weapon sight is easily removed to be clipped on to a new preloaded launcher.

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