Eurosatory 2014

Stop the bleeding (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

Haemorrhaging from gunshot and shrapnel wounds could quickly lead to death. The innovative XStat developed by The Activity Group (Hall 5, Stand C657), now approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), provides an effective solution.

A quantity of small sponges from a syringe-like applicator injected into the wound cavity creates a temporary barrier to the blood flow. Upon coming into contact with blood, the sponges expand within 20 seconds to fill the cavity, thus providing a haemostatic pressure.

“This will be an important new treatment option for the military to treat injured soldiers who may not be in close proximity to a medical facility,” said Christy Foreman, director of device evaluation at the FDA.

The company explained that XStat, which is part of its Revmedx product range, could be rapidly deployed as a fastacting haemorrhage control device to stabilise a wounded patient. It is a temporary device to be used for up to four hours until surgical care is acquired, and is not suitable for all types of wounds, such as in the thorax or abdomen. Each sponge contains an X-ray detectable marker.

XStat is the latest in the Revmedx range of wound dressings and bandages to treat battlefield traumatic bleeding.

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