Eurosatory 2014

Smart UAV from Slovenia (ES14E5)

20 June 2014

Exhibiting for the first time at Eurosatory, C-Astral Aerospace from Slovenia (Hall 5, Stand H588) is highlighting its expertise in the unmanned arena, particularly for survey and ISR tasks in both civil and military applications. Using the Bramor UAV as a platform, the company groups its capabilities into three brands.

Bramor is a blended-wing, catapult-launched design with electric propulsion and interchangeable payload. It operates autonomously but is reprogrammable in flight.

Recovery is by parachute.

In the C4Eye system, the Bramor is used for a range of real and near-real time surveillance, particularly applicable to defence applications. It can be fitted with the gyro-stabilised EYE or EYE-X payloads with advanced daylight imaging and long-wave infrared thermal sensors. This version has been supplied to Italian forces, and has been used in Afghanistan.

Another of C-Astral’s imagery exploitation lines is gEO, which is aimed at survey and mapping. The company has become an important player in this market, demonstrating outstanding accuracy from its cost-effective system. gHY is C-Astral’s hyperspectral imaging product/ analysis line.

As well as its own range, C-Astral is working with Italian company EuroLink Systems on both unmanned ground vehicles and an innovative tethered flying robot known as Cobra. This carries sensors up to 25m above a vehicle to provide a stabilised surveillance platform, linked by a cable to the vehicle.

The cable carries power to the robot, and imagery down to the vehicle. The quad-copter robot can maintain station above its vehicle when on the move. This system has been delivered to the Italian army for operational evaluation in Afghanistan.

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